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We offer Swiss companies comprehensive outsourcing services, including implementation, execution, and ope-rational management and support.


With MyClick, Clue offers its own range of services. Our motivated team fulfills your individual orders quickly, professionally and according to your requirements.


Get an overview of our in-house services:


We hold more than ten years of experience and expertise in working with our clients. Together, we define the appropriate structure of their outsourcing. That’s how we make sure that all the tasks are carried out professionally. The first steps can be complex, but the long-term benefits for a company include an increase in efficiency and cost savings. The possible advantages go beyond that: Simple and supposedly unattractive tasks can be passed on. Assigning tasks to other time zones saves time and, last but not least, working with a partner abroad also enriches your daily work.


Globalization and technological developments are driving more and more medium-sized and small companies to integrate outsourcings into their business strategy – with a significant impact on growth, productivity and profitability. We can help with the outsourcing of tasks, especially in the areas of marketing and communication (e.g. content management and content creation) as well as multimedia and graphic design.



We offer support for the development of new markets and assistance to set-up regional teams and operational structures in Southeast Asia. Our many years of experience, a carefully built network of partners and our expertise in the areas of business development, marketing and communication guarantee the best possible basis for a successful and long-term cooperation – also thanks to our local management, integrity and flexibility.

Our clients’ tasks and goals in Southeast Asia are defined in personal meetings and the operational processes are discussed in detail. Transparent planning as well as continuous monitoring and reporting ensure that the common goals will be achieved.



We offer advice and an optimal platform to support Swiss companies in the transfer of know-how, projects and products to Southeast Asia, especially thanks to our extensive network of consultants, partners and industry experts.

Switzerland is considered one of the most innovative countries in the world with cutting-edge technologies and services, also because of the first-class educational system, the research facilities and its highly qualified and trained workforce. In various industries Swiss companies offer first class solutions. We support medium-sized and small Swiss companies on their way to being able to operate their business internationally.

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